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In Colombia, Frigorífico Vijagual S.A. is the most modern company in the provision of services on cattle, buffaloes and pigs (Benefits, refrigeration, disposable, export type meat and more), being environmentally friendly to Through its continuous improvement programs at all levels

Our operations are inspected and verified by INVIMA , We have HACCP and ISO 9001: 2008 certifications.

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Frigorífico Vijagual Possesses high capacity of plant and well-being animal

It works hand in hand with allies in other countries, peasants and Breeders of the region

It has variety in cuts and lines

Frigorífico Vijagual S.A. in your technological advance puts ONLINE Several tools to get closer to you. For this purpose there is A special USERS menu at the top.

Gallery of our Process and Management

User reviews Frigorífico Vijagual S.A.

Always in my house when it comes to eating meat We prefer the products of Vijagual, it is a 'carnal' Which seduces, attracts and is irresistible.

Danny Felipe, consumer.

"Let Frigorífico Vijagual S.A. Be the best Animal welfare enterprise, meeting the needs of Their customers and generating jobs and economic stability in the region"

Edgar Benítez, Manager of Integral Management.

Their processes are standardized, they have good Practices, the quality and safety of Meat is exceptional. I worked in Vijagual and not because I am part of this team, I love it. As they do things!

Angélica Vera, Ex-assistant of quality of Vijagual.